2019 BMW Z4 – For Pleasure, Comfort, And Strength

2019 BMW Z4

2019 BMW Z4

BMW is at your face, something is brewing can’t wait to see the amazing thing that is being worked on at their factory.

The new 2019 BMW Z4 is almost here!

We can’t wait to tell you all that you need to know about it. It has been seen on the test centre used by BMW to develop and test its new products for the past 30 years.

BMW runs extensive tests on their products to keep their promise that this next-gen 2019 BMWZ4 will be extremely quick, strong and sporty without letting you down in terms of ride comfort – BWM is aware that most of their buyers for the Z4 are patiently waiting for this feature.

Release Date

The 2019 BMW Z4 will make its first public appearance in mid-2018 and it should be expected to go on sale later in 2018 or look out for it in early 2019.


Entry-level models will set you back approximately £30,000 while range-topping Z4M versions could come on to you with a bill for a little more than a reasonable £55,000.

Design and Changes

2019 BMW Z4

Some of the features to expect from the 2019 BMW Z4 are an ‘extremely powerful’ inline-six engine; which will be accompanied by dampers that will be electronically controlled.

It will have an electronic locking rear differential, relatively lightweight M alloy wheels and an M braking system.

While this point isn’t an issue, you should be aware that the when you think of some models designed by Audi, it has a similarity with the silver button that starts the engine of this BMW.



BMW has another M40i-badged product in their lineup — the X3 M40i. It makes a standard 355 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque and is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine.

It is likely that this same setup will be offered in the Z4 M40i.

An eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission will also likely be on the cards.

You can expect that entry-level cars will produce about 190 horsepower while top-spec models could break through the 420horsepower limit.

All these will be possible based on some high-performance engine components borrowed from the rip-roaring M4 coupe.

You can expect a hybrid model to show up in showrooms — a combination of a smaller petrol engine and an electric motor to reduce CO2 emissions and boost fuel economy.

You will have the opportunity to choose between manual and automatic gearboxes across the range.


2019 BMW Z4

A quick and instant capture of look into the 2019 BMW Z4, you will be able to confirm the direction of BMW in the future with the layout of the center console and dash.

Don’t expect to see the deeply dished steering wheel and body-coloured dashboard featured in the finished car, but you can expect the new Z4 to certainly come with BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment system and a futuristic digital driver’s display instead of old-fashioned analogue dials.

There is a folding fabric roof that needs some space to fit, so the boots will be small to contain this and the 2019 BMW Z4 will be a two-seater.

As a result, it won’t be the most practical BMW on sale but should still have enough space for two people going for a weekend, with their luggage.

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