2019 Mercedes CLS – Pretty, With A Daring Comeback



There have been other models of the Mercedes CLS, but something is about to break through the ranks of what you have seen and known.

It is the 2019 Mercedes CLS and it has already gathered a lot of rave from car enthusiasts.

If you will like to get one and will like to have an idea what you will see, then read on to get that knowledge.

Release Date

The 2019 Mercedes CLS was released at the beginning of 2018 and you can check at the car dealers close to you to have a look, to purchase.


Based on the market price comparison, it is advisable to have up to $70,000 to go to the dealership if you want to buy the 2019 Mercedes CLS. This price even for the base model, you may want to have some extra money with you if you will need additional features.

Design and Changes


One of the things you will notice from the outside of the 2019 Mercedes CLS is the infamous grille; it is seen as a diamond shape.

In this new Mercedes, you will also notice that the headlights look smaller than the previous models, yet they stand out and can see like the eyes of an eagle.

There is a lot of elegance that comes with the 2019 Mercedes CLS, in the sense that, the line across the roof is still low and it twists down a sloppy path as it gets to the rear region.

Look at the entire car from the back; you will notice that the exhaust pipes are firmly fitted too.



There is a lot of similarities when you look at the engine of Mercedes E-class and this new one. Nonetheless, there are still specific features that you will here and no other place.

For the 2019 Mercedes CLS, the base trim can produce an hp of up to 242 and a torque that is up to 270 pounds-feet.

The next one to this base trim will be having a 3.0 litre and a V6; you can expect this to produce a massive 356 pound-feet of torque and give off a 328 hp.

One of such engines on another trim level uses diesel and it has 4 cylinders, under the specification of 2.0 litre, this has the capacity of producing a torque of about 300 pound-feet with a 191 hp.

There are more powertrains and one that you need to aware of is the turbocharged 3.0 litre having an inline of 6, there is massive energy inside this – you have an electric system that has about 48 volts and its electric motor runs in exchange around the transmission and the engine.

Combining all the above, there is a possibility that the electrical system can produce up to 364 pound-feet of torque and give off 362 hp.



Right inside the 2019 Mercedes CLS, you will be met with exclusive leather seats and air vents that are lighted up.

The information and entertainment system have control pads and you will also see other features such as the CarPlay from Apple and the Android Auto. There is a quick button that you can easily push and the car will start.

The 2019 Mercedes CLS comes with a 12.3-inch display which serves as the head up view, it has the wireless phone charging capacity, works as the digital guage, and it can automatically adjust the climate condition in the car.

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