2019 Mercedes GLE – Outstanding and Unusual SUV



It’s about to be launched and it’s going to be the talk of the town for a few months after release. It is the 2019 Mercedes GLE.

There are new upgrades and there styling that is just so awesome.

A few thoughts on what to expect from this car has been written below

Release Date

We are hoping that towards the end of 2018, this new 2019 Mercedes GLE will have all it takes to be the alternative and replacement for the latest GLE, the 2018 model.


There are speculations and industry gist that the 2019 Mercedes GLE may have a price that starts from £54,000.

So, you may want to write this somewhere as you put it in your budget the next car you will like to buy.

Design and Changes


When the A-class was released, it was the first time that we saw the satellite navigator in any Mercedes car. Now, you will not just see that same satellite navigator in the new 2019 Mercedes GLE, what you get something much more updated.

The advantage you get with this new design is that you will be able to see what is ahead of you when driving. It shows you all the directions and all the pictures of the objects that are ahead of you. It isn’t just cool; it is fantastic and user-friendly.

Another upgrade that you will find in the 2019 Mercedes GLE is the grill. What you have now is a beautiful shape that has an overlay of 2 chrome accents that are lined in a horizontal form.

This 2019 Mercedes GLE must have gone through several processes of brainstorming to have come out in this beautiful style and it dazzles the mind of the public about what Mercedes could come up with.



The engines are coming with excellent and improved systems.

What we see is that there will be an automatic gearbox of 9 speeds for the new 2019 Mercedes GLE and it will come as an RWD.

The engine will be run on diesel and on a 2.0 litre, this is to ensure for more frugality and smoother ride. This will generate roughly some horsepower of 194 and can drive the 2019 Mercedes GLE from zero mph to 62 mph within only 8 seconds.

There are different trim levels and based on your choice, there should be something for your taste.

In case, you have the luxury of burning loads of fuel, there is the GLE 63 that will serve your taste. It is a V8 and 4.0-litre engine. As you can imagine, it produces a whopping 603 horsepower and can drive the car to 62 miles per hour in just 4 secs.



You have huge and wide 12.3-inch touchscreen system for information and entertainment in the new 2019 Mercedes GLE. That is not the end; it goes even a few more steps forward.

This system has been upgraded to the MBUX information and entertainment system that is specifically designed by Mercedes.

The interesting feature of this system is the ability to identify and remember voices and it can respond to a registered command, which can be used to control different functions in the vehicle.

There are more spaces for leg room in the 2019 Mercedes GLE, though the previous version didn’t have any less leg room for passengers.

Compared to the previous version of this car, the 2019 Mercedes GLE will be able to contain at least 3 more people.

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