2019 Toyota Sienna – Bold And Beautiful

2019 Toyota Sienna

2019 Toyota Sienna

Toyota is known for bringing innovation and competitive qualities into the automobile industry. They have found a good way to entice their raving lovers with quality and exiting features for every new model that drops off their shelf.

This time around it is about the new upgrades to their 2018 Sienna minivan. A couple of new changes from the colour to the infotainment features will cause you to pay attention to this 2019 Toyota Sienna.

Release Date

The official price for the 2019 Toyota Sienna was released in July 2018, so we expect that the sales of this car and a release of it to dealership should happen by August and for the rest of the year.

Stay in the loop and in the car industry news, and you won’t miss the time of its introduction into the market.


The new model of 2019 Toyota Sienna may range from $30,000 to about $49,000 depending on the trim levels and the features that come with it. All models that fall in into entry level will be less expensive compared to the models that fall into the premium category.

Design and Changes

2019 Toyota Sienna

In line with the 2018 version of this car, the outer part is in good resemblance with the previous version, specifically the sills on the side and the grille is all configured to suit the Toyota style of cars.

Nonetheless, an exciting and uncommon feature to the 2019 Toyota Sienna is the privacy glass, that is seen throughout all its trim — this gives it a distinctive quality and taste compared to all other versions of Toyota that you will find in the market.



You can expect to see a powertrain of V6 engine of 3.5 liter, just you have it in the previous version of 2019 Toyota Sienna. It is also expected that the 2019 Toyota Sienna will have an hp of 296 ponies, while its torque will be 263 pound-feet.

Also, the system of transmission will be an 8-speed automatic gearbox – that’s amazing, isn’t it? The engineers grinding and making these awesome cars are working hard on this 2019 Toyota Sienna gearbox to cause it to work seamlessly.

There will be 9 trim levels and there is a lot of speculations that the 2019 Toyota Sienna will give better power and fuel economy compared to previous versions.


2019 Toyota Sienna

The 2019 Toyota Sienna will conveniently sit 7 to 8 passengers. There are loads of changes on the inside of this new 2019 Toyota Sienna, which is designed to give you more comfort and value for your money.

Some of these features include the awesome and sleek multimedia interface, there are adaptive controls for cruising, and there is a warning system that tells you when you are off your lane on the road.

More changes also reflect the safety and technology flair of Toyota, which is done to suit the taste of their buyers. You will also see the automated brake during an emergency and the automatic headlights in any situation.

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