Toyota Supra 2017 – Expect A Complete Change


Toyota Supra is not a new car. In fact, it already has a long history. In case you didn’t know, it was produced by Toyota between 1978 and 2002. Supra derived from the Toyota Celica but it has always been wider and longer. 1986 was the first year that Toyota Supra was a separate model from the Celica, which ended up disappearing.

But the similarities between Toyota Supra with other Toyota models don’t rest here. It was many times looked at as appearing to have some roots of the Toyota 2000GT. One of the things they had in common was the engine they were using at the time. Others include the chassis and the interior.

Back in 1998, Toyota decided to cease sales of the Supra in the United States and 4 years later, they officially stopped the production of the Toyota Supra in Japan.

Fro this date on, and for many times, there was an announcement of the Toyota Supra successor. In fact, at the North American International Auto Show in 2007, Toyota said the new successor of the Supra could be based on the Toyota FT-HS (Future Toyota-Hybrid Sport), the model they released. In the meanwhile, things remained the same with only a small detail. Toyota kept applying for a trademark to the Supra name (which they need to do every 3 years to make sure they continue to detain it) in the United States. But last year, we saw the same movements in Europe as well. Toyota filed a trademark application for the Supra nameplate with the European Union Property Office. So, we couldn’t be more anxious to be if this is going to be the time when Toyota releases the new Toyota Supra 2017.

Another fact that you might have no idea about is that, in the last few years, BMW and Toyota have been working together. One of the things that they have been working on is a new platform that will serve both brands sports cars. According to some rumors, BMW is thinking about using this new platform on their new Z4 model, while Toyota might use this same platform on the Toyota Supra 2017.

Despite the images of the new Toyota Supra 2017 are still missing, it seems that the new Toyota Supra 2017 will resemble the FT-HS, a concept car released at the Detroit Motor Show back in 2007. In terms of inspiration for the new design, many experts believe it was gathered around the Toyota FT-1 concept.

Although it’s not possible to either confirm or deny, there are some rumors stating that Toyota and BMW collaboration won’t be limited to the development of the new platform. They should also be working on the suspension, steering, and wheel. Despite this is a partnership, BMW engineers are supposedly the ones who are in charge.

Toyota Supra 2017 Release Date


With such a turbulent path that the Toyota Supra had for so many years, it’s hard to say a date for its debut. However, we are expecting to see the debut of the Toyota Supra 2017 to happen during the Tokyo Motor Show that will happen in October 2017.

Toyota Supra 2017 Price


There isn’t an official Toyota Supra 2017 price yet. Besides, it’s very complicated to establish one because Supra doesn’t have a very present history. So, according to the vast majority of the rumors, you can expect to get the Toyota Supra 2017 at a starting price of $45,000 – $51,000.

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Toyota Supra 2017 Redesign and Changes

Toyota Supra 2017-back

In terms of the exterior design, we believe that the new Toyota Supra 2017 will simply be amazing.

In our opinion, the Toyota Supra 2017 is going to be based on the FT-1 prototype we already mentioned above. Despite the general lines are going to be very similar, we are expecting to see some things different as well.

The design of the Toyota Supra 2017 will be streamlined as well as it should maintain its overall sporty appearance. There will probably be more air intakes which will give the car a more striking look. We are also expecting to see some more hood.

If there is one thing we believe is going to change in the Toyota Supra 2017 is the weight. We believe that by using the new platform that Toyota and BMW are building together as well as the use of aluminum, HSS, and carbon fiber throughout the car, will make sure that the weight is minimized.

Toyota Supra 2017 Video


Toyota Supra 2017 Specs

Toyota Supra 2017-engine

Toyota has always been very careful and they hardly ever reveal the engines they are going to use in the future releases of their models.

In what concerns with the Toyota Supra 2017, there are mainly two different rumors. The first point out that the platform that BMW and Toyota are going to share is going to be used by BMW in the Z5 model; the second ones state that the new platform will be used on the BMW Z4, as we already mentioned above.

So, we have different opinions related to what can come under the new Toyota Supra 2017 hood. Let’s start with the first rumors that say BMW is going to use the platform on their Z5 model.

According to these rumors, the high-level trim of the new Toyota Supra 2017 should include a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. This engine can either be assisted by only one or more electric motors. In the lower-level trims, you should be able to see the same engine without the complex hybrid system or you can see a smaller 4-cylinder petrol engine under the hood.

Taking into consideration that BMW already used carbon fiber to improve both the efficiency and performance on their i3, i8, and 7 series, Toyota can take advantage of this. By using such a lightweight construction, the Toyota Supra 2017 can come more responsive and with a rapid acceleration.

In what concerns the second rumors, that BMW is going to use the shared platform on their Z4 model, the engines seem a little poorer. So, you can expect to find two different types of engines as well. You should have a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that should have 3 different power variations. One that is capable of producing 190 of horsepower, another one producing 145 of horsepower, and the third one producing 270 of horsepower. The second engine option you should be able to find on the highest trim levels is a 6-cylinder engine or a hybrid powerplant.

In the case Toyota chooses the 6-cylinder engine, the transmission should be a 6-speed manual. In the case of the Toyota Supra 2017 comes with a hybrid engine, then the transmission should be different. In this case, you should count with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Supra 2017 Interior


Despite there isn’t still a lot of information about the interior of the Toyota Supra 2017, we are expecting to see a minimalistic design, which is the best option to have a full driving experience, according to designers. Although minimalistic, you will still see the interior as expensive and luxury.

The cabin will be completely covered with black leather which will be the best combination possible with the seats that will be full-racing-car like. One of the main advantages of the Toyota Supra 2017 (as well as with the previous generations) is the fact that the cabin is able to isolate the outside noise, making it extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

When you look at the dashboard, you won’t see any physical buttons. The only thing you’ll see is a 10-inch touchscreen that the driver can use to control almost all Toyota Supra 2017 features.

If there’s one thing that stands out on the Toyota Supra 2017 interior is that the entire cabin seems to be focused solely on the driver. And this isn’t rarer to see since this is a sports car that drivers love to take for a ride, to enjoy the drive.

There are still many questions that have no answer yet, or at least, we don’t know the right one. However, if there’s one thing we know is that there a lot of people feeling very anxious to see the new Toyota Supra 2017. After so many years out of the market, the partnership between Toyota and BMW for the new platform, the exterior that usually tend to captivate our attention, a luxury and minimalistic interior, and a great engine under the hood (no matter which one of the rumors is correct), we just can’t wait to see it debut.

Hopefully, we will have news in a couple of weeks or months and we will keep you updated on any change. At this point, we only need Toyota to hurry up releasing this amazing and powerful vehicle or, at least, that give us some facts about the new Toyota Supra 2017.

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